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I'm getting bored driving up and down the same old strip.

I've got to find a new place where the kids are hip.

Get out of town, I want to eat a Spree.
24 February
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Losing my voice
just talking to you
about talking to you

Reading your books
Wearing your clothes
Nobody knows
that they're not mine

I guess this just fits
with all this living around

Things finally getting sound...
a drama party production, acute angles, adult swim, an albatross, an epic at beast, an epic at best, at the drive-in, bad 80s horror movies, baritone guitars, bear vs. shark, being in love, black eyes, blonde redhead, braid, brian wilson, bright calm blue, burning airlines, cap'n jazz, christopher guest, cinemechanica, compound red, coulier, crazy moonmen, dancecore, danger!, death cab for cutie, designing a nervous breakdown, donnie darko, drama party production, emperor x, every time i die, family guy, faraquet, friction, fugazi, full sail, garbage water, garden state, green day, gundar well smacking, guy ritchie, hella, hey mercedes, j.c. chasez, jawbreaker, jimmy eat world, joan of arc, john congleton, justin timberlake, kevin smith, kill sadie, kitefighting, ljmaps_youdoandidont, long winters, make believe, maritime, mates of state, math rock, max bemis, mc chris, milli vanilli, minus the bear, modest mouse, monday's hero, more cowbell, motion city soundtrack, napoleon dynamite, nkotb, no no not ever, owen, paris texas, pavement, pele, pheurton skeurto, q and not u, rainer maria, red shirt brigade, reggie, rescue, samantha paulsen, sarah colombo, sasscore, say anything (the band), sean na na, self, sharks keep moving, sleater-kinney, slint, smart went crazy, spitting hot fire, sunny day real estate, sweep the leg johnny, tenacious d, texas is the reason, the beach boys, the blood brothers, the detachment kit, the dismemberment plan, the full effect, the locust, the long winters, the most secret method, the paper chase, the promise ring, the red light sting, these arms are snakes, thunderbirds are now!, tilly and the wall, tim kinsella, travis morrison, tunesforbearstodanceto, upright citizens brigade, usher, volta do mar, we versus the shark, weezer, wes anderson, zzzz