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For all the lovers...

I forgot how much I love
It is very awesome.

If you don't know about it, people send in titles to Sam Brown and then he picks the ones that he likes and draws pictures with those titles.
He totally used a title of mine once. It was "It Is Not As Bad As It Seems".

Anyway, this one is a new favorite of mine.
I think that it's pretty fitting for today.
And hopefully, if you are sad, it will make you feel a little bit better.

Let's Get It On

Good times. Good times.

I did not go to bed until 2:30 last night.
I could not make myself get up until 9:30.
I didn't get to class until 12:35 (it starts at 12:00).
I ended up not even going. I kind of feel bad about it.
I also did not do the homework assignment that was due today.
It's ok though because he drops our lowest grade.
Maybe the fact that my Get Out Of Jail Free card is gone will finally make me buckle down and apply myself.


Or maybe not.

So now I'm just sitting at school until my counseling appointment.
And oh boy, are there things to tell!

The day has started out ok.
I hope that things continue to not suck.
Perhaps studying for my Statistics test will help to keep my mind off things.

(see above)
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