Get out of town, I want to eat a Spree. (youdoandidont) wrote,
Get out of town, I want to eat a Spree.

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My life:

The new Fall Out Boy album rules.
The new Bloc Party album can't be deciphered.
The new Modest Mouse single is off the chain.
The new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! is downloaded but not loaded.
The new American Idol is forever and always, Amen.

There will be road trips.
There will be comedy.
There will be fudge (or gymnastics).
There will be awkward shows.

But honestly.
I really don't know what else there will be.
If anything.

I hate Statistics and I don't care enough to not hate it.
I want to get my music happening soon.
House Of Leaves controls my every action.

I want to reconnect.
I'm trying my damnedest.
C'mon everyone.
Jump up and jump out.
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